Transportation in India

Travel to India

The airplane is the means of transport to go faster in India which is located 8000 km from France. About 9 hours, you will be in Delhi, the capital, in the middle of crowded streets, sacred cows and smells of curry.

Many airlines offer daily flights to Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. Expect to pay about 1000 euros even booking in advance, but be aware that once in place, the cost of living is very reasonable. You can visit many temples, museums and monuments for a few rupees.

Means of transport in India

Airplane : Distances are long between the different cities. The best way to get around is by air-plane but the prices are very high.

The train is very convenient, you can find stations in many cities. You need to book in advance to be sure of a place . For long trips, choose the night train.

Car rental : to drive in India, it is necessary to have an international license.

The rickshaw :  The rickshaw (or auto-rickshaw) is a very common means of transportation in India. It is a vehicle halfway between the motorcycle and the car engine and motorcycle handlebar with a passenger small car. The rickshaw is mainly used as taxi (with meter works randomly …), and also as a carrier of goods. There are many in cities, and they are largely responsible for the pollution.
The rickshaw is small in appearance, but can still be crammed three people and three large bags!

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