Sport & atctivities in India


It will take more than a trip to India to learn the rules of cricket but know that it is the favorite sport of the Indians. Players are national stars.

If you have the chance, go see a match in one of the stages of the country for close phenomenal atmosphere that emerges.

Water sports and hiking in the mountains

Many sporting activities are available throughout the country according to the desires and the conditions for the exercise. Practice many water sports and hiking in the mountains depend on the season.

You want to climb one of the peaks of the Himalayas? No problem, specialized centers offer courses mountaineering requiring authorization of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation for peaks over 6000 m. For enthusiasts, trekking are offered by different agencies with a program of beautiful landscapes.

Kayaking and rafting are also possible on rivers flowing from the high mountains of the north.Water Rafting India

A simple boat ride can turn into sea safari including Sundarbans in West Bengal Tigers, in excellent swimmers regularly crossed arms of the Ganges. You can visit by boat river towns like Calcutta or Varanasi.

Safaris are offered to tourists in many nature reserves. A elephant, 4×4, or camel, you can choose your means of transportation to appreciate its true value the quality of the local flora and fauna.

Leh, the capital of the state of Ladakh lies at 3500 meters altitude. This is an excellent starting point for a trek in this beautiful region.

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