Parks and nature in India

With 93 national parks and 480 nature reserves, India has an extraordinary biodiversity. In this wide territory many variety of vegetation, climate, and therefore animals and plants were developed.

The natural parks in north and south are very different, each with their specific species. Some mammals, such as the Asiatic lion or Bengal Tiger, live only in India, in their natural habitat. It is not easy to see, you have to be patient and get up early to see them.

  • Ranthambore park : you can see the tigers and other animals in their natural habitat
  • Bird Park Bharatpur : Bird Reserve
  • India Kanha National Park animals: To see tigers close
  • India Bandhavgarh Natural Park: A very important natural park of India
  • Sariska Park: It is located near Delhi is a natural park interesting to identify various species of animals
  • Periyar National Park: flora and fauna in this splendid park of Kerala

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